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Being at the CrossFit Games in 2011, Anu and Ruschelle felt so inspired that they realized there has to be a better path to health. They no longer had the need to log hours at the gym, counting calories on the treadmill, waiting for machines and still feeling guilty for sitting all day. It was then, they decided to turn their passion into their livelihood and Brevi Fitness was born.
Anu is an adventurer at heart. He moved to US, from India in 2002, to pursue his Masters of Science, in Florida. After doing some consulting work, he took a corporate job, which kept him stuck to his desk for 10 - 12 hours a day. It was then that he met Ruschelle, an avid runner, dancer, yogi and a licensed therapist. Although Ruschelle enjoyed these activities, she struggled to maintain a healthy work life balance. When they met, it was instant love (thanks to, ok, maybe not instant, more like a year). They spent the past three years enjoying the tremendous variety in fitness that the city had to offer.
Through all this, they were looking for ways to get out of their desk jobs and INTO THEIR LIVES.
Today they enjoy an active lifestyle that includes Crossfit, barefoot running, trapeze, cooking Paleo/Zone meals, Thai kickboxing, mountain climbing, ziplining, hiking and playing with their incredible pets Bummer and Aday.
Not only do Ruschelle and Anu have a list of bonafide Master’s Degrees and personal training credentials including NASM and CrossFit, their life's passions have afforded them years of travel and kinesthetic escapades.

They have assisted hundreds of individuals ranging from ultra distance runners to clients with severe arthritis, move forward with their health and fitness goals.

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