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Reebok opened their new CrossFit retail store on 37th street and 5th Av. in NYC. To accompany they also opened a 'box' as well (which we joined)

They had a grand opening on Aug. 16th (4-7pm) where they had Rich Froning (1st (2011,2012 CrossFit Games), Annie Thorisdottir (1st (2011, 2012 CrossFit Games) and Chris Spealler ( Possibly the smallest CrossFit athlete with the biggest heart and is a true legend in this sport). I had the great opportunity to meet these athletes again (Thanks to Christina from Atlanta, whose sweet talking made me and three others past the cut off to get inside the store for meet n greet).

Best moments:

1. Telling Rich that I have the best shots of his winning moment, when he jumped in crowd to meet his family and I was 2 feet away from him, infact I touched his head. Rich gave me his e-mail address to send him the pictures.

2. Asking Chris if he will be joining the CFNE team and come to East Coast and his response: ' Don't ask man, why you ask? I wish I could'

3. To Annie, that I have been there twice for her winning the games in 2011 and 2012. She tells me to be there for the next one since I could be lucky for her

Yes, I am star struck.


In a group workout like CrossFit you are 'competing' and want to be the fastest/strongest or whatever your goal might be. But at the end of the day you are surrounded by people who themselves want to get better. Its not about wishing on someone else to be slower, its almost wishing the other one to not give up so you have a benchmark to push against. We all make each other better. If we finish last in a workout, we might not like it, but everyone has the same goal to be healthier and better than their previous selves the day before.

Coming to realize that we have 'known' these folks for no more than 3 days, for no more than 30 mins at a time with minimal communication. Even at work I told someone that we made friends at the gym since we joined. Their response: ' Is that even possible?'

The truth is what is possible/impossible is not the point. The point is you are surrounding yourself with folks who are supportive, encourage you to be better (even if by only being present as competition), are healthy, are motivated, are consistent.... And that to me says FRIENDS all over it...

So get out there, do whatever you like doing, biking, running, CrossFit, HIIT, treadmill running :( , Boxing, weight lifting, boot camp, paleo/whole food eating... anything really and find a group where those things are practiced, consistently and you will find the unbreakable bond.

Friends are everywhere you just have to find them...                        Right Rich, Speal, Annie?

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