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On an All Time High

This is me flying up the hudson during day time

This is R flying and giving us a tour of NYC at night

First of all a big shout out and Thank You to Bryan from Windtee, who I am currently training and among being a multi talented individual, is also a private pilot.

We commenced our journey up the Hudson, flying on top of Verrazano Bridge, West Point Academy and turning 30 degrees (banking). IT WAS AWESOME. Obviously R has to top me off, so she flew the night trip back and actually flew over NYC Central Park. We flew, we landed and came back to our apartment, hosted our gracious pilot to some Indian street food and send him off on his way.

What Does This Have to Do With Fitness?

1. Being Fit and healthy gives you that extra confidence that you are more open to new experiences.

2. Being confident leads up to handling a stressful situation in a much more rational way. Last time when I flew I over monitored the plane, clutched on it hard and try to much to control it, which resulted in not so pleasant experience. Being in the same situation again, I found myself steering the plane on 30 degree banks with one hand on the controls and enjoying the gentle movements on the plane.

3. Strength and stamina plays out in so many ways that you don't realize. Being able to fly a plane, being calm under turbulence, for an hour is taxing. Being generally physically prepared helps to hold your own even without any flying experience.

4. Having worked out really hard on Saturday morning, sort of gives the stimulus of 'This is the hardest thing you will possibly face all day'  and everything else becomes easy. You are clearer in your thinking, you are alert, focused and just yourself....

The whole idea is whatever you do, whether its nutrition, workout, physical activity like hiking/flying etc. you need to give your 100% and be confident in execution. Our first failure point is our mind and that is what stands in our way to conquer challenges, whether physical or psychological.

Give your 100% and Reach For The Stars... Do come back down though, every so often :)

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