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Fall Into Fitness

Ok, summer is technically over, but there might be a few good days left.  And hey, It is PERFECT whether for running.  Transitioning into fall, you will actually find plenty of opportunities to continue getting in shape and enjoy the subtly changing weather. Here are a few workouts to consider.

During the hottest months of the season, trying to run can be a little on the miserable side because it is simply too hot out. However, the last few weeks of the season are the months when the weather is just starting to change. As the air turns cooler, you will find it much more pleasant to take a run. Additionally, if you continue running into the autumn, you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of changing leaves.

Try out these running workouts (under 30 minutes)  to spice up your routine:

Twenty minutes medium pace: run out 11 minutes at a medium pace, then turn around and try to get back to your starting point in the remaining 9 minutes. If you pace yourself well, don’t start too slow or too fast, this is a great workout because you will be running back 20% faster than your way out.

Fartlek workout: after 10 minutes warm-up, alternate 3 minutes fast pace and 3 minutes slower pace for the remaining of the 30 minutes. How fast is fast? It depends on your level, but probably a 10KM or 5Km pace could be a good start. How much slower for the recovery time. This should be faster than the recovery jog pace you use during your repeat workouts, but still be slow enough to allow your heart to recover.

Fall is a time when change is in the air. It may seem that it is also the time when summer exercise routines may wind down, but that is not the case. Your transition into fall is a great time to add intensity and diversity to your workout.

So keep running and we will see you in the park!

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