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Quick and Beautiful Get Away from NYC

Anu and I are preparing for our annual trip to India to visit his parents.  Before we go, we always meet my parents to let our dog (bummer) stay with them.  This year, we had the pleasure of meeting them in Harper's Ferry West Virginia.  Wow was it gorgeous!  This was a much needed trip for us for three reasons:

1. We do not get to spend enough time with our family.

In terms of your health, socializing and being close to those you love rank right up there with some of the top preventive measures for a heart attack. Also, who doesn't want a hug from their mother every chance they get.

2. We needed a vacation from working out.  Anu tends to overdo the gym.  I practically have to force him to stay home and take his rest day.  The weekend was a great excuse for him to chill the F* out.

We all need to rest.  People debate whether or not "over training" actually exists (my husband being one of them).  But I am positive that a day off from the gym and a cheap massage makes a world of difference in terms of performance.  Plus, I tend to get sick, if I train too hard.  No Fun

3. We haven't been getting outdoors enough either.

Being outdoors is vital to our health, yet us city dwellers are notoriously bad for this.

So please, remember that your workout schedule, although critical is only part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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