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The Gokhale Method: Simplified

Proper Posture: the Gokhale Method Simplified

Many people suffer from back pain on a regular basis. That back pain can get in the way of normal life and it can definitely keep a person from their physical fitness goals. There are medications out there and surgeries for back pain, but they all have harmful side effects that most people would prefer to avoid. This is when the Gokhale Method should be considered. This method focuses on proper posture and the right posture can help to relieve a great deal of back pain. Additionally, proper posture just creates a better profile.

We came across Gokhale method, while we were educating ourselves about barefoot running, Paleo eating and that whole sub culture. What appealed to me and Ruschelle was the fact that this method took inspiration from indigenous folks/primitive cultures, how the adults moved still, how they were able to hold squat for long periods at a time, without excruciating knee pain or the urgency to get out of this position.

The Gokhale Method actually hearkens back to the posture of primal natives who had to spend their time gathering food and working in the outdoors. This method does not just treat the symptoms of back pain. Instead, it gets to the roots of back pain from poor posture, joint pain, and muscle strain. The Gokhale Method allows people to re-learn their posture for a more comfortable life.

Some of the things that the Gokhale Method teaches include:

  • Sitting with proper posture in which the back is kept straight and even.
  • Standing in a position that evenly distributes weight throughout the bones, muscles, and feet.
  • Walking with proper posture to avoid too much impact on the feet and joints like the knees and hips.


The Gokhale Method is a training method that will require the help of experienced professionals. You will need to completely learn again how your posture should be situated. When you take part in a training course, you can expect it to last about six weeks. During that time, you will learn how to sit, stand, walk, and even sleep with the proper posture. This will relieve the back and joint pain that you should not have to live with but may be currently.

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