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Transitioning To Barefoot Running

Tips for Transitioning to Barefoot Running

There is a great deal of research that has gone into methods of running. Most of that research all indicates the same thing. Wearing shoes, even those designed for running, are high impact and can actually be the cause of injury. Our feet were made to be highly efficient all on their own. This is why many people are choosing to switch to barefoot running.

However, barefoot running is not something that you can just jump into. Actually me and Ruschelle learnt from our personal experience that you can do more damage to your foot without a proper transition plan. Many foot doctors admit that 'barefoot' running craze has helped their practice since they have so much traffic with people coming in with injuries.

Instead, it takes a transition process. Here are some tips for transitioning to barefoot running.

Start with Walking

You need to spend a few weeks getting your feet ready to run. That means you should start with walking and work your way up. For the first three or four weeks, try to walk about half an hour a day. Over time, you can switch to jogging and then eventually move on to running.

Learn the Ground

You have been wearing shoes for a long time and the feel of the ground could be foreign to you. This can lead to trips and falls. When you are barefoot/have minimalistic shoes, force yourself to think about how the ground feels and how to use your feet to sense uneven spots.

Stretch Your Muscles

When you first start barefoot running, your ankle and calf muscles will be tight because you are using different parts of your feet. You need to take the time before each run to stretch those muscles and get them more flexible.

Barefoot running can be rewarding and a good workout to avoid damage or injury to your body. However, this is not something you can just walk out the door and start. You must transition into it over time. Most people find that they can get used to the running method in about eight weeks, so be sure to give yourself that time for the transition.

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