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Gaining Weight and Staying Fast

Anu has been trying to gain weight. He is trying to be part of a competition team and weighing in at 160lbs comes with its set of disadvantages, when you are stacked against 185lbs - 200lbs athletes with 4-5 inch vertical advantage as well. In order to gain weight (healthy way) is to eat more and back off too much 'speed' oriented drills. That said, he has backed off on doing so much cardiovascular stuff i.e "metcons" in CrossFit speak.  The only problem is, he has gotten a bit slower (Expected initially).  SO what do you do when you want to put on weight but maintain your speed? The main thing is to be patient and realize that your body is now doing double the work.

So if you added an extra bit of weight training to your routine, expect to be a bit fatigued on your metcon days...Just remember, all this training is cumulative right?  And the stronger you get, the faster you will also be.  Just don't forget to recover properly...massage, foam roll, stretch, yoga...whatever it takes.

One thing we are going to discuss today is VO2 Max.  So, what is that anyway?

VO2 max goes under a number of different names, but they all refer to the same thing. You may hear it called maximal oxygen intake, maximal consumption of oxygen, or maximal oxygen uptake. No matter what it is called, VO2 max refers to your body’s ability to take in and use oxygen when you are exercising. Your maximum level can affect your ability to exercise and your ability to exercise effectively.

For the most part, people who are out of shape or not used to regular exercise will have a lower VO2 max. This means they will only be able to exercise for a shorter amount of time before getting tired and their exercise will not be as productive as possible. Additionally, your VO2 max will be affected by genetics. Some people simply are not as capable of taking in as much oxygen during exercise as others.

No matter the reason, improving your VO2 max will help you workout more effectively and will build your stamina. One of the best ways to improve your number would be through consistent exercise. The more you train, the higher the number will go. However, not just any exercise will work to build your VO2 max. You need to take part in aerobic exercises. These are events that speed up your heart rate and require more oxygen. Some specialists recommend quick changes between slow and fast exercises in one half hour period. As long as you are consistent, you will be able to train your body to make use of more and more oxygen. This will help you workout more effectively and take part in stamina based exercises.

No matter the name it is called, your VO2 max is an important number to know when you are trying to become more physically fit.

Try this workout below to improve your VO2 Max:

30/30 and 60/60 Intervals

Basically 30/60 second sprints with 30/60 seconds light jog...12-20 rounds

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