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Nutrition.. Its not that Complicated

Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated. We can go on an on about Paleo, Primal, Zone and any number of ways to eat or modalities within Nutrition.


Below, see dinner as an example.

Kale, cherries, almonds, egg (with a dash of mustard) and pork.

I (In my humble biased opinion) don't see anything wrong in this meal. I have my protein, carbohydrates and fat. They all might not be exact to the tee proportions or measured to the last ounce but it has all the essential nutrients that body would need. Now sure you could argue that it doesn't have bread/rice or some sort of grain and whole lot of other things, but essentially before going to bed how much else in terms of energy do you need?

I just want to emphasize that whether you do CrossFit, Parkour, Muay Thai, Endurance running, sprints, boot camp, circuit training, HIIT, Kettlebells, TRX, dancing, Oly lifting... anything really, you can still eat well and most important REAL. Everything on this plate is real, organic, non processed food, low in sugar and just right for a peaceful good night sleep.

And if you want to go a little bit more technical (just in case) then:

Protein should be lean and varied and account for about 30% of your total caloric load.
Carbohydrates should be predominantly low-glycemic and account for about 40% of your total caloric load.
Fat should be predominantly monounsaturated and account for about 30% of your total caloric load.
Calories should be set at between .7 and 1.0 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass depending on your activity level. The .7 figure is for moderate daily workout loads and the 1.0 figure is for the hardcore athlete.


Happy Eating and Stop the Madness over Nutrition already!

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2012 CrossFit Games

CrossFit Games 2012... (July 13th - 15th) in the Home Depot Center, Carson.

Go to and see archive videos and everything else you might have missed and check this awesome article out on 'Gamesover' similar to hang over: GamesOver

To say that this was an overwhelmingly good experience will be an understatement. I mean we have only gone to 2011 games in the prior year when Reebok initially got involved with CrossFit and this was the second year of that continuing partnership and expansion. I am still amazed by the fact that there are so many people in even NYC (city of know it alls) that people haven't heard of CrossFit. Its only the fastest growing sport right now, with major money being pumped by Reebok to make it an official sport worthy of ESPN prime time (Currently its on ESPN3). Reebok spent some $100 mil last year to advertise and market CrossFit brand, which they are creating merchandise for and this year spent almost $150 mil on marketing as well.

This was a high gloss event with great attention to detail in terms of Vendor Village, Athlete Village, variety of Paleo food options (Paleo Wagon had a Turkey leg the size of my head for $10 and Paleo Burger (No bun, organic meat) with half a cucumber and veggies for $20). I mean this is the healthiest food options I have ever seen in a sporting event

... AND I was starstruck. I never take a bunch of pictures with other people, but I had to Had to Had to stick my head in all the places where I didn't need to.. Bugged Holmberg for three pictures until we got it right, Interrupting Kristan while eating (but she remembered my shoes), Voight, Foucher (Pronounced Fooshey) were cool, Annie is always beaming no matter where you catch her. So here is my tribute to all theathletes in this year's Games, and we LOVED every single second of it, even though R almost got sun poisoning and I could have put the GNC bag down


Annie Thorisdottir(1st)                                                                    Julie Foucher (2nd)

Kristan Clever (4th)

Rebecca Voight (10th)                                                                 Graham Holmberg (10th)




Rich Froning (1st)

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Yay... Freedom and Money?

Hi Y'all...

Happy 4th of July......

We shuffled our way to Madison Sq. Park to realize that they have regular Wednesday afternoon concerts at 3pm and they happened to have blue grass musicians (just exactly what I want to hear...shaking head in a NO).   Ruschelle loves it.

Madison Square Park Conservancy

Having a break listening to music, middle of the week in the park with rush made me feel truly free.

We booked dinner at David Burke Townhouse and made our there way after the park. We took a long walk to get there.   It was a beautiful exceptional place and food was phenomenal. I generally don't take pictures of food, but this item deserved a nod. Its called Opera in the Park

We were coming back after dinner and I want to take a subway to get back home, but R wants to walk.  On our way back we see something on the street and as R and I look closely its a $20 bill and truly in that moment time slows down and we both reach for it in Matrix style.  I would attribute all this to R's  philosophy of keeping your heart open, being positive and letting positive things happen to you. She says if you 'feel like money' then you will 'have money'.

So that was our 4th, full of freedom and money.  Hope you all had a great one.  We would love to hear about yours!

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Technology Vs. Outdoor

So on the first day of summer Time Square Alliance in NYC organizes an outdoor Yoga workshop to celebrate the oncoming of Summer.

As part of this experience people are able to come out and enjoy an hour or more of yoga classes all throughout the day and be connected in a meaningful way and celebrate/challenge 'Mind Over Madness'. Its ironic that one of the most calming sensations you get out of yoga will be practiced in one of the busiest intersections in the world. This event is great in all respects and its a great human experiment for someone like me who likes to take in imagery and take shots in unexpected settings.

If you look closely in the first picture almost the entire row of people at the bottom are on their cell phones, either probably working, connecting with friends, letting people know where they are, on facebook/twitter/pinterest etc.

If the entire aspect of doing this class/session is to be connected with yourself or other people around you in an unexpected setting (not to mention purposely dressed in bikinis on time square in the morning/lunch hours) then why are we connected to our phones and sitting staring at screens, when that's what we do everyday (most of us)  anyways.

Now, there is nothing wrong with that (trying to advocate sticking to my work blackberry even on vacation), but I guess its more about being present on how being outside can change dramatically how you feel vs. being on a handheld computer.

I came across this article/study about Biophilia

'Biophilia is the innately emotional affiliation of human beings to other living organisms. Life around us exceeds in complexity and beauty anything else humanity is ever likely to encounter. – E.O. Wilson, 1984'   --


We as human animals have a tendency to stay close to each other and back in the days of hunter gatherer, hunt together, eat together, sleep together, all in all while being connected to our surroundings and being outside, close to nature. Nowadays in big cramped metropolitan cities the closest to the green area is a measly plant sitting on your desk (which is way better than no plant at all)

'Today productivity costs are 112 times greater than energy costs in the workplace. We believe that incorporating nature into the built environment is not just a luxury, but a sound economic investment in health and productivity, based on well researched neurological and physiological evidence.'

'Employees with the views of trees and landscape (north and west) took an average of 57 hours of sick leave per year, compared with 68 hours per year of sick leave taken by employees with no view.'

And many other examples listed in the study where access to plant life, daylight, water, nature in general/nature analogues (hard wood floor, artificial water features etc.) result in increased productivity and reduction of stress, not to mention reduce the cost of employee retention while increasing satisfaction.

So do any one of the below things if you HAVE to be on your phone/computer:

1. Find an outside location with wifi access, even if for a little while you could take your laptop out (they need some air too)

2. Get a Matte screen for your laptop, increase range on your wireless connection within your home so even if you are working from home you could work outside

3. A standup workstation on your patio, organizing standing or walking meetings while brain storming

The point of all this is that first stay out and about and NOT be CONNECTED to your computers or blackberry and if you have to be on something, then might as well be out and about for a little bit.

But I think Yoga and craning your neck to be on a cellphone instead of connecting with a real human next to you, is definitely not advisable.


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We just came back from a short but fantastic trip from North Carolina (Jacksonville to be precise). The water was clear, the temperature was great and all around open space (not including 6 toddlers in a home full of 17 total beings).

We woke up every morning around 6 am and went for a light jog for 1-2 miles followed by some workout such as:

1. Run 1 mile-- Do 100 push ups

2. Run 1 mile -- Do 100 push ups

I mean it was so easy to wake up and go about being healthy and joyful of the sunlight, friends and ocean..

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