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Smart shirt

The Under Armour E39 Performance shirt blew my mind! I can't wait to see this in stores.  As an Engineer (M.S. in Industrial and System Engineering From University of Florida) I am fascinated by numbers and efficiency. This shirt was featured during the football drafting process to measure various biometrics

Heart Rate

Vertical Jump


G-Force etc.

This is definitely a first step in an amazing way to measure the athlete competing for a spot in a football team as well as a marathon runner to know how to train more efficiently. Gives a whole new meaning to your shirt performing (lasting 20 washes without fading)

Check this link out for some analysis behind the shirt:

Another short step toward your big results.

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Had a Bad Day?

I know you've had those days where nothing goes right.  Do you ever feel that way about your workouts?

For me this is usually caused by one of two things:

1. Barriers to getting to the gym

2. Not seeing results

Today, we focus on the first.  Few things are as annoying as interrupted plans.  It just so happens that Ruschelle and I have had two entire weekends that have been completely interrupted.  For god's sake we don't even have children.  It baffles me that this happens.

As we prepare for the Brooklyn Half Marathon, I have come to realize that I don't really like to run.  However, I am committed to finishing this race and the ING Marathon in November.   "And why would you do that" you ask, "especially if you don't like to run?"  Well, I guess I am just that stubborn.  I committed to finishing them, and here I am.  I guess part of the barrier is psychological.  Not wanting to do something can really put a damper on your motivation.

How interested are you (REALLY) in changing your life?  How excited are you to finish a workout?

These are such important questions, because they might just be the determining factor in you achieving any kind of fitness goal at all.  A 2010 study conducted on soccer players in Spain yielded interesting results:

" it should be noted that extrinsic motivation has a higher contribution to enjoyment whereas intrinsic motivation has a higher contribution to commitment."

Essentially you need some outside stimulus or goal to help you enjoy what you are doing.  Since I don't inherently enjoy running, I am really gonna need these. 

1. I like when people cheer for me.  Group races are great for this.  There is a crowd and people around are having fun.

2. I want to look good. Running is a great way for me to stay lean. I need to look good in the mirror.

3. I want to be respected. It would be very difficult for people to take me seriously if I were a chain smoker or 50lbs over my healthy weight.  Completing the Half and ING Marathon will be a great experience to share with others (even if I don't run another one).

4. My wife wants me to. This might be the most important.


Now for the intrinsic stuff.  Apparently, these are the things that will keep me committed to staying on track with my routine, even when things aren't going my way.  This is SO important because I DO NOT always feel like going to the gym.

1. I like the way I feel in the mornings. I sleep better than I ever have and appreciate this so much.

2. I enjoy the challenge. Part of completing this run is to test my sticking to something.  I am competitive and know that on race day I will do my best.

3. I am excited to discover my potential. I always wanted to devote my time to fitness.  I am excited everyday at the things I learn and great people I meet in the fitness industry.


Before I end, I will share a dialogue that happened at the gym this weekend.   Between being short of breath and annoyed with this, I approach a guy that had just taken the squat rack I was using in a circuit.

Me: I was using this station

Him: I saw you running on treadmill

Me: Yeah, I am using both, doing a circuit

Him: No need to give attitude, its not your gym. Anything else you are using?

Me: No (starting to put the weight back on bar)

I felt terrible and kept on thinking to apologize. After 15 minutes I go over to this guy to apologize. He has his head phones on

Me: I am sorry about the earlier incident

Him: (Takes headphones out) What?

Me: I am sorry about the earlier incident, it was my bad

Him: What are you talking about?

Me: Ummm....

Him: It must be someone else

Me: Sorry

So couldn't even apologize to the right person. After this debacle, we had planned to go do archery, only to find out that half of NYC was going to show up. Scratch that.  Then we traveled halfway into Brooklyn to meet a friend only to be met with major train delays, ultimately having to turn around and come home.

Not much worked out this weekend in the planning department. So at the end of the weekend with failed plans and trying to meet friends, it all boiled down to how we felt. No need to get discouraged.  All things considered it was great to spend two days together at least trying to get things done.

Fitness is important but companionship even more so. Bad days will happen; you just have to keep going.

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West Virginia Obesity

A shopping cart we saw in Sam's Club being pushed by a mother father and their three year old son.

We visited my family in West Virginia a few weeks ago.  I love to go home.  West Virginia is a beautiful place.  So you can imagine my disgust and sadness when I read that West Virginia has the highest obesity rate (35%) in the United States.  This devastates and shocks me.  As I was driving back to New York last week, I reflected on the great week we had visiting friends at CrossFit Beckley and the United Methodist Temple.  They both have vibrant, engaging, social fitness programs.  We coached a few classes there and made new friends.  I had the opportunity to check in with my cousin who just gave birth to a beautiful baby.  A brief discussion led to her purchasing a Zumba program for her Wii. We took a trip to Adventures on the Gorge and went ziplining.  We walked with my parents almost daily. There are so many opportunities to move and get healthy even if resources are limited. What are some cheap and easy ways for you to make fitness a larger part of your life?

The Let's Move Campaign has a great website with free and easy ways to implement more movement into your daily routine. All politics aside, they have put together a common sense list of ways to stay active.

Active Families

Here are a few activities and steps that you and your family can consider to get started on a path to a healthier lifestyle:

  • Give children toys that encourage physical activity like balls, kites, and jump ropes.
  • Encourage children to join a sports team or try a new physical activity.
  • Limit TV time and keep the TV out of a child’s bedroom.
  • Facilitate a safe walk to and from school a few times a week.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Walk around the block after a meal.
  • Make a new house rule: no sitting still during television commercials.
  • Find time to spend together doing a fun activity: Family Park day, swim day or bike day.
  • Issue a family challenge to see who can be the first to achieve a Presidential Active Lifestyle Award by committing to physical activity five days a week, for six weeks. Adults and children can both receive the award!
  • Talk to your children’s principal or write a letter to your district superintendent to incorporate more physical education in schools.
  • Encourage schools to hold recess prior to lunch to increase physical activity before mealtime.
  • Volunteer to help with after school physical activity programs or sports teams.
  • Be sure that children get the sleep they need. Most children under age five need to sleep for 11 hours or more per day, children age five to 10 need 10 hours of sleep or more per day, and children over age 10 need at least nine hours per day.
  • Learn how engaging in outside activities can be fun and affordable for families through Let’s Move Outside, which promotes a range of healthy outdoor activities for children and families across the country.
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Truth about Detox

Detox (Detoxification): the process, real or perceived, of removing toxins from the body.

Now when I read this definition I am immediately thinking of all the toxins that are in my body and how quickly I want to get rid of them, by having a clean diet and the crowd favorite, 'juice' diet'. This diet or juice fasting as its normally referred to, is recommended for quick weight loss and detoxification. What everyone fails to mention are the type of toxins that need riddance.

Now the toxins can vary based on your diet and lifestyle, I agree with that, but there has to be a certain set of highly toxic materials in our body which are dying to get out and for some reason no one lists them out... just for the sake of it... I find that troubling.

I came across this article and thought you might like to know as well.

After the First Sip
Your brain's hunger signals are answered with a dump of pure fruit-juice sugar. And don't get any ideas—veggie-based cleanses aren't any healthier.
The sweet stuff prompts the pancreas to squirt out insulin, which moves sugar—now in your blood in the form of glucose—into your cells.

After 30 Minutes
As your cells suck up the glucose, your blood sugar level can start to plummet and you may feel dizzy.Meanwhile, lacking enough calories, your body is operating off its supply of glycogen, a form of short-term energy stored in the liver and muscles.
After Two Days

With each shot of juice, your insulin levels skyrocket, then crash. Your glycogen stores are pretty much gone, leaving your tank on empty—and you feeling weak and listless. Since you're getting only about half the calories you need, your body draws on two long-term power sources: triglycerides, a type of energy stored in fat cells (woo-hoo!), and protein, taken straight from your muscles (oops). You begin to lose muscle mass, even if you're still exercising every day.
After Three Days

Your brain is not happy. It enters into semi-starvation mode and gobbles ketones, fuel that comes from the breakdown of fat. Ketones work, but they're like low-grade gasoline; as a result, you may feel unfocused or irritable. (Any "mental clarity" is likely due to a strong placebo effect.)

Sans a fresh protein infusion, your brain is also lacking amino acids, the raw materials that neurotransmitters need to maintain your mood. If you're prone to depression, you may start feeling blue. The proteins in your shrinking muscles break down into ammonia and uric acid, unwelcome chemicals that invade your bloodstream. Now your kidneys are busy detoxing your detox.

Stay near the bathroom: The juice's high carbohydrate load causes a surfeit of water to enter the intestines. That extra H2O in your gut means you're apt to get diarrhea.
After Four Days

With no food to digest, your small intestine feels ignored. Its villi—the rows of tiny fibers that move food elements into the blood—start to atrophy. Your diarrhea may get worse, leading to dehydration... and there goes your rosy glow.
On the Eighth Day

Solid food! But uh-oh—you've lost muscle. Even if you go back to your regular eating habits, you now have less muscle mass to burn those calories; instead, the calories are more likely to be turned into fat. (Hence, one reason yo-yo dieting makes it harder to lose weight: Your reduced muscle-to-fat ratio messes up your metabolism and makes calories much harder to work off.)

So now since we have lost all our toxins and our muscle-to-fat ratio is up in the air, who's ready for a workout?

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Bag of Sand

We just bought a sandbag. We love it so far.  This is one of the top 10 must haves for your home gym.

First off, got the sandbag from Dick's sporting goods store in WV (While enjoying time with the in-laws). The sandbag had 7 tubes (One could be filled in with 40lbs of sand and the rest of 6 small tubes with 10lbs of sand). So the next obvious step was to get sand. It just so happens that my father in-law had two tonnes of sand sitting in his backyard.

Nothing like filling a sandbag together to build a bond with your father in-law:)

After the sand's filled in and the tubes are put into the sandbag, I got about devising a workout program around it...

The next day was seriously cold... enter 100lbs sandbag and jump rope


10 clean and jerk; 25 jump rope (Double Unders: Rope makes two passes per jump instead of just one) are great as well)

10 deadlifts; 25 jump rope

10 squat clean; 25 jump rope

10 overhead press; 25 jump rope

10 thruster; 25 jump rope

10 bent over row; 25 jump rope

This was a great low impact workout for indoors and I definitely got a great workout doing the variety of movements. The best part of sandbag is, it works very differently than a barbell. The constant adjustment that your body needs to go through to keep it stable is a huge component of sandbag training.

So get out and buy one or go to

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