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When the biggest lottery jackpot came out, I know you went out and bought one!  So did I.

Well I didn't win, but what drew my attention was that when I scanned my tickets through the counter, it said 'Not a Winner'.  For those of you familiar with NLP (neurolinguistic programming), we know that the brain tends to eliminate negative words (like NOT) from sentences, only allowing us to remember the rest of the sentence. When I scanned that ticket, all my brain saw was "You are a winner!" We need to be careful the language we use, even in reinforcing our healthy habits.

What self talk do you use when you begin a workout?  What about after completing?

Do you talk yourself out of workouts?  Maybe you downplay accomplishments?  Whatever your negative disposition, it's worth stopping to think about the words we choose to motivate or talk ourselves into certain behaviors.  Staying healthy takes confidence and we could all use a little more of that.

Below are Ruschelle's Top Five Confidence Affirmations while at the Gym

1. "At least I'm not the guy on the stepper"- Sometimes comparing ourselves to other can be helpful.

2. "Pretty good for someone under 5 feet tall" - Give yourself credit for overcoming obstacles.

3. "I've got to have something to brag about at work today" - Tell people your accomplishments.

4. "I can deadlift more than Anu" - Aside from possible injury, Ruschelle tries to overestimate how much weight she can lift.  Many women underestimate their capacity, resulting in limited progress.

5. "I wonder how many pullups I can do today?" - Be curious about your capacity.  Welcome surprises!

Most importantly, take things a little less seriously and enjoy yourself!

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Fab Tastic

Looking for that special gift or maybe a special treat for your pooch?  Well is the place to go!  We love this website because they have the coolest stuff for home, pets, name it, they've got it. We especially love the Glass Terrarium by The Wheaton Company.  These are perfect for spicing up your favorite paleo meal.

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A friend recently reminded me that exercise was a good way to take out aggression. So I began thinking, what's the BEST workout to reduce anger?  Kickboxing, running, yoga?  After sifting through a couple of New York Times articles and whatever else I could find online, I decided to go with personal experience.

I first asked myself, "What are we really supposed to do with anger in the first place? Am I supposed to "take it out"?  I thought I was supposed to  "channel" it or wait, am I supposed to be " working through" it?  Eh.

Whatever the semantics... I decided that the best thing for me to do physically is find some focus.  For me, aggressive exercise doesn't come through visualizing punching my boss during kickboxing, rather finding a way to take control.  I do this by lifting heavy weights, going for a run or taking a new skill class I haven't done in a while like rock climbing or fencing ( no we weren't angry last week, we just wanted to go fencing).  Some pointers for using exercise to "transform" anger:

Find humor: If you are going to practice punching your bosses face at the gym, please don't take it too seriously.  Research shows that is only practicing for the actual event.

Focus your rage on defeating your OWN bad habits: This one is my favorite.  I imagine my anger as a warrior or something else powerful, that is inside me to destroy my own personal flaws ( like a very poor attempt at an overhead squat).  The dialogue will go something like this:

"Ok anger, please help me defeat my own wimpiness so that I can get that bar over my head".

And WHALA!  Suddenly my anger is turned into a source of humble gratitude.

Learn proper technique:   If you are going to use exercise as a form of stress reduction, it is going to be much more fun if you take the time to learn a skill (like boxing) so that when anger does come up, you will have the confidence to hit that bag without injury.

Last, but most importantly:

Keep it FUN! Remember that the letters 'FU' can be found in fun.  That's kind of aggressive in itself. Seriously, the worst thing you can do is turn your exercise routine into a time for personal abuse.  Be gentle (but not too gentle) and work on enjoying whatever workout you decide to do!

Keep the workouts fun. "If it's no longer fun or challenging, or it causes more stress than it relieves, it's time for a change," said sports psychologist Rob Bell, a consultant of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology.

6 Figure Personal Trainer Boot Camp

Closing More Clients

Making the Most out of Your Consultations




Now that you have a few prospective clients lined up, it's time to meet with them. Ok, soooo..... what do you say, how do you sell yourself as the Personal Trainer that can help them meet their goals. You know what you need to do when it comes to training...but how do you convince them you're the right trainer for the job?

There is no secret formula for the perfect consultation, However, you will need to keep in mind that you will need to Ask, Listen, Prove , and Close....


Tips to help you Close More Clients

1. After you have introduced yourself with confidence, authority, and excitement. You now want to "open the floor" up for them to speak. This is how to break the ice and make them feel comfortable. It's also a way for you to get comfortable as well. Start by asking them why they have decided to get a personal trainer and what are their goals are..... ask them about eating habits and past fitness ventures. Make them feel comfortable and believe they are talking to an authority on Fitness. Really try to get them to open up.

When you ask clients questions they will begin to speak freely and tell you everything. Your job is to listen and let them express themselves and answer any questions they may be throwing at you along the way. Answer their questions with excitement and understanding, knowing you have the solution.


2.When they tell you about their trouble spots , explain to them about fat loss and how it works. Don't get scientific on them. It's too soon for that. You'll might lose their attention as they may not know what your talking about. Give the short elementary version of how a few changes in diet can assist with weight loss..etc.  Most everyone can relate to that explaination of how fat loss works.

Next, tell them about your great workout just for that area. If you are in a gym or studio, walk them over to some machines and do a demo of how that machine will tone up that area. The idea is to make your consultation interactive and about them.  There's a reason for them mentioning this troubled area to you. They are looking for you to address this, so make sure you give them what they want.


3.It's a good Idea to show before and after photo's of past/current clients. A picture is worth a thousand words! I have closed more deals just on my before and after photo's alone. If you don't have any, I suggest start taking pics. However, in the mean time, you can give them real life examples of some of your past clients results and let your potential client know they can speak with your current clients to see how they are progressing since training with you.


4. At one point, I even had my consultation put on my laptop with Power-Point... and when I met with a potential client we sat in front my laptop and I started my Power-Point presentation. Let me tell you, I made the presentation very nice. My presentation had animation, bullet points of everything I offered, pictures and whatever else I could think of to sell myself. As I introduced myself and my services my Power-Point presentation was doing its thing in the background.

Needless to say, I never had to repeat myself , the client saw a caption of what I was saying on the screen along with my great photo's. One great thing about Power-Point is , it makes the flow of what your saying really nice and your thoughts stay in order. I never forgot to mention anything that was a key selling feature, because my Power-Point presentation sorta kept everything flowing nicely. Did it work? It sure did!


5. Never come to the consultation empty handed. Have some cards, brochures, fliers, samples of protein bars or drinks, reading materials on abs or something to give to your potential client. Have some kind of literature on your services or the fitness industry.

Have a notepad, profile form, and pen handy to jot down things as your potential client is speaking so they see you are genuinely listening to them. Jotting things down also helps you remember to address whats being conveyed to you when its your time to talk.


6.Offer a free session or 2... Maybe 30 minutes long if they seem hesitant about training. Get them started a try before you buy. I have a few workouts just for this occasion. Remember this is the time to sell you have to bring a really great and effective 30 minute workout that they will love. Don't try to "kill" them during this free session.  Make it a workout that targets everything and includes some stretching exercises... make sure you include their trouble spots....You want them to feel good when they leave you. Like they are ready for the world!

Key Note:

As you are going through the workout ,explain what the exercises are for. For example,  If you are doing an ab exercise let them know you are using this particular workout to tighten the abs. Also let them know you will be using various ab exercises in their sessions to give them toned abs they will be pleased with. What your doing is "enticing" them and getting them to "visualize" results if they continue training with you. Most folks will want to keep coming back if they know your going to work on giving them toned tight abs.

7. Do not try to do a consultation over the phone: When speaking to my potential client over the phone I set an appointment for them to come in. I never try to do a phone consultation. I speak with them in a way that I can tell if they are serious about working out. I ask a few of what I call qualifying questions like: what their goals are, their current weight and level of fitness. I also ask about times they want and how soon they are looking to get started in a program.. etc. These questions lets me know if they ar serious and ready to get started.

After a few qualifiying questions I say, " I can definitely help you with blah blah blah, that's not a problem..I have a couple of programs we can get you started with.  I just need to get you in so I can take a look at you, show you some of my fat burning programs, & give you a tour of my gym". This usually gets them in along with my great personality! Don't forget to sound enthusiatic, without sounding overly excited.

Trying to close a client over the phone will be tough. Unless perhaps you have already had a face to face consultation with them. So I don't recommend that you try this approach. The reason for this is, you can not use your marketing strategies as discussed here that get them to want to train with you.  You can't show before and after photo's, you can't do demo's, etc.

If they don't make an appointment but promise to come in or want to call you back, most times they don't. Folks serious about training will make an appointment to come in to see you.

8. Get folks excited about the consultation: In using approach #7 above, when I say to them " I can definitely help you with blah blah blah, I just need to get you in" I have found this arouses people curiosity and makes them excited to come see me. They want to see my programs, my gym,  and they want me to look at them and tell them what they need to do to get results.

Sometimes I ask that they come in gym clothes, this way I can involve them in my demo's or fit test as I may call it. I may ask them to raise their knee as high as they can, walk on treadmill for a few minutes, do some crunches  and maybe ask them to show me how far they can bend to touch their toes.  Just something lite and not strenuous. I'm asking how they feel and giving encouragement.  They love it.

Along the way I'm taking notes and letting them know by the time we have concluded or sessions they will be touching their toes (if they didn't do that when I asked).. their response is usually "great!". This is again, getting them to visualize themselves working out long term and getting results. A nice litte, client grabber.

Before I'm even talking contracts and prices..I'm giving value up front, and beginning the process of building a relationship with them. This is very important to do.  I'm Pulling them in by letting them get a feel for working out with me, giving them a mental vision that they really need to workout, without telling them. I make it fun! By the time we are going back to my desk for paper work, they are pumped up to get started!

9. Get a little information from them before they come in: When talking to a potential client over the phone, I ask them to go to my website,  and fill out a form that will give me more information about them before we meet. This way when they come in, I have a good idea of what they want and what I need to cover with them. I go over this form when we meet and this leads into a really good consultation that the potential client is feeling they are getting value from.

If you do not have a website at this point, you can get clients information over the phone before you meet by asking questions about eating habits, goals, etc. Make it brief just enough to get you ready for their visit. Let them know you can help them with their fitness needs and set the time for you to meet.

10. Be a good listener: Ask questions that will give you more information about your clients fitness needs. Listen to what they are saying. When it's your time to talk, repeat some of the things they said to you in the form of having a solutions for it.

Example , If you're clients says  I really want to tone my arms. You can say "I can definitely tone up your arms. Tell me how you want them to look and I can tailor a workout just for that.   Would you like an athletic look or just a toned look?" If she/he says athletic, jot it down in your notes and say you're going to love the workouts I have for that. This way, they'll know you are serious about it as you wrote it down.  I usually have photo's to show, they really seem to bring home what I'm saying I can do! So if you have some client photo's show them.

Listen to what they want and advice them on how you can help them reach that goal. Potential clients want to know you can help them! Show them that you can!


11. Let them meet other clients: Sometimes my clients will see me in a consultation, come up and just start raving about their sessions and how they are making a good choice by training with me without me prompting them too. Then too, there are times when I will catch a client of mine walking by that kinda has the same goals and fitness level as my potential client. I introduce them and ask them to tell their success story.  People like testimonials and visuals, its a powerful marketing tactic that has helped me close a lot of clients.

12. Use Your personality: I would say my personality is fun, friendly, and warm yet strong enough to let folks know I'm serious and good at what I do.  I use this to make my clients feel comfortable  and to let them know they are making the right choice. I may crack a small joke about how I eat donuts everyday to lose weight and how I was going to put them on a better diet than myself. We laugh.  This is a great way to find a connection and start the relationship building process.

Every client is different though, you will get a feel for every client as you speak with them. I have found my best clients are those that love me and my personalilty.  If they don't like me... it's not a good fit for either one of us.

Keep in mind, as personal trainers we should not be obnoxious in our behavior, we still need to be professional while maintaining our great personality. Personality adds to the session and makes the hour with you fun.


13.Sell the benefits of your training services: I don't try to sell my clients personal training. I sell them a solution to their problem. I sell the benefits of training with me. Such as access to my free fat blasting classes that will help them reach their goal fast, help with sticking to their diet, weekly weight loss goal setting,  monitoring by me,  and most importantly, results or they get their money back... My goal here is to create value in my services and to offer the things people need most help with.

Also, I offer a lot of additional services and products other trainers do not, giving more bang for the buck. So, make sure you take time to bring new products and services you can attach to your Personal training service so you can offer your client more than the usual service.

People looking to lose weight, for example, don't care to be overwhelmed with information about BMI and what metabolism means. They want to know how you can help them reach their goal.  Things like  BMI and metabolism I focus more on teaching during the actual sessions via emails, my website and handouts. You can mention this "stuff" briefly in your consultation. Let them know you will give them a full understanding of these "things" to help them understand how it relates to weight loss and keeping off the weight.

I suggest not letting this "scientific stuff" be the focus of your consultation. You  stand to lose your potential clients interest because they are not hearing the things they want or they simply have no idea what you are talking about. Sell the benefits, not the service.

14. Make the consultation about them: Sometimes you can get carried away with talking about yourself. You can talk about your own successes, but make sure it doesn't become the topic of the consultation. The consultation should be about them and how the the 2 of you can work together to reach their goals.

15. Price and contract is very last thing to be discussed. When your potential client comes in you do not want to go immediately into your contract and pricing. I have found by creating value first, such as discussed in this lesson, you will make people sign up almost without being prompted.

I usually have created so much value in my training service that they are ready to sign up by the end of the consultation. And... even if they don't sign right away. They come back to me a few days later or refer someone that is ready to start immediately. That's a Great Consultation!


The Real "Secret" to Closing More Clients




I close small and big ticket packages using the above techniques. By relating to the needs of my clients and offering a solution for them that is backed up by guarantees, photo's, proven results and testimonials, my clients do not feel they are taking a risk. They see real value in training with me. They feel they are getting the help they are looking for.

As I tell all my fellow Personal Trainers, People are not looking to buy your service. They are looking to buy a solution to the problem they face. If you can honestly show them you can solve their problem with little risk, they don't mind paying the price you charge.

Create as much value in your service as you can during your consultation and relate to the needs of your clients. You will close more deals than you ever thought you could....that's the real secret.


Setting Up Your Consultation System-
Creating a Fool Proof System That Works

Having a system, means having an organized plan. You know exactly what you need to do for every potential client that comes in to maximize your chance of getting them as a paying client. There's no guessing, no winging it, no feeling scattered, no forgetting important things to do to get the client to sign up.

Having a system can also mean, if you have trainers working for you, they could follow the same format as you, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and going to get good results. You're not having to guess or wonder what your trainers are doing to close the "deal". You already know, because they are using your proven consultation system that works.

By following a format similar to the one below, you are going to maximize and make your consultations more productive.


"Consultation System":


1. Call every client the day before to remind them of their appointment


  • Cut down on no shows.

2. When the client comes in greet them, tell a little about yourself,  ask questions about why they're interested in starting  fitness program etc.


  • Begin to fill out a profile form on them that tells you why they are there to see you, break the ice.

3. From the profile form explain how you can help them with the issues on their profile


  • Give potential clients the answers they want to hear. Give solutions their problems.

4. Recommend what training program you have that fit their needs


  • Let potential clients know you have a customized plan just for them

5. Tour the workout facility, demo workouts, speak with your other clients about their results


  • Build Your Credibility and Position yourself as an expert. Here is where the relationship building process begins with your potential client.

6. Back to office for Presentation


  • Explain how getting started works - reinforce with before and after photo's - discuss what days works best for them to workout every week.

7. Pricing


  • Discuss what the investment is in their health, not the cost. Explain cancellation policies, late policies, etc.. Be sure to give them your Guarantee policy to make it risk free for potential clients. You're guarantee may state they are entitled to a refund within 30 days minus any sessions already taken. People like knowing they won't lose money if they are not satisfied. If you're good, trust me, you'll never have to worry about giving refunds. So don't be afraid of offering a Money Back Guarantee. (Also, I'll talk more about how to offer a money back gurantee, for those that are affraid of this, later in boot camp).

8. Sign them up


  • Silence as they sign

9. If no sign up - Handle objections and/or fill out Trainer recommendation form and follow up in 2-4 weeks


  • Know how to handle objections. Sometimes just asking why they are hesitant can tell you exactly what their issue is. Maybe they don't like the payment plan or maybe they misunderstood something you said. Make sure you understand why they are not ready to better their health, so you can help them make a more informative decision. Sometimes clearing things up is all it takes to get them to change their mind.
  • If they do not sign up that day give them a program they can do at home via what I call "the training recommendation form". You could give them stretching exercises, if they are experiencing tightness, for example. This gives you an even better reason to follow up with them. When you call in a few weeks you can say "Client X, I was just calling to see how the stretching exercises were working out for you and to see if there is anything I can do for you or add to the program". You can let the conversation roll from there. This little "technique" makes calling those that didn't sign up a little more comfortable.
  • Most folks will not follow through with your recommendations. But, this can be good! When they see they can't be disciplined on their own, they can better see how much you are needed! For those that do follow your recommendations, you can motivate them to take it to the next level.  So, Follow up to capture more lost training sales. Following up is the key to closing MORE and making MORE money.

10. File everything away and repeat step #1 - 10


  • Stay organized - Makes follow up easy
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B a Na Na


The above village of muffins are actually Banana Bread muffins and they are paleo to boot....

Here;'s our tried and tested recipe (and by that I mean truly tried and tested as you can tell with the presentation)


3 cups of Almond flour

2 teaspoons of baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup coconut oil, melted

4 large eggs

2 Very ripe banana, mashed

3 teaspoons vanilla

3 teaspoons cinnamon


Preheat the oven to 350F

Combine the almond flour, baking soda and salt in small bowl

In a separate bowl mix together the coconut oil and eggs

Mix the flour combination with the oil and eggs, stirring until well blended

Add the mashed bananas, vanilla and cinnamon

Pour batter into greased muffin cups (coconut oil again for grease). Bake for 15 mins (These are done really quickly) or until the toothpick comes out clean

Let us know how it turns out for you.....

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End or is it The Beginning?


So the Opens are over and I don't have to have a knot in my stomach every week on Saturday morning (having woken up probably 5 times the night before, going to the bathroom more than I need to, eating anything I can or not eating to see how that would change my performance, obsessing how I can make the most of the workout to get ahead in standings... yada yada yada)

Even though all the pain and anxiety of the competition, I would never forget my first Opens of 2012... This was one experience that humbled me and showed where I really am instead of in my head and in NYHRC where there is no one standing in front of you doing better the same thing you are doing.

The one constant thing I noticed that how me and R going to CrossFit NYC (Black Box) were embraced almost immediately and people knew me from my first name after a 7 minute workout. After two years of being in NYHRC there are probably 1/2 people who know us by our name. I have moved away from the topic now...

Coming back to the Opens, I realized my strengths (box jumps, double unders, muscle ups (couldn't get to it though), chest to bar pullups.. I guess all body weight stuff) compared to weaknesses (Snatch, Toes to bar, Push Press, wall balls and the oh so humbling thruster), so pretty much anything which required explosive movement with heavy weight.

This is only the beginning.. I am still learning hand stand walk, one legged squat, improving my muscle ups and pull ups.

The main point of the opens is that if we don't have many hours in a day to train, we do the best we can and learn something everyday (or every so often) which challenges your body and mind.

Can't wait for next year already (This year I was ahead of 37% of people who participated worldwide (25000 men), next year's goal is ahead of 50%) ... and oh we will be running the Brooklyn Half Marathon and then NYC marathon this year as well, so a couple of firsts...

Stay motivated

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