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Find Your Focus

One of the things that could stand in the way of you getting the most out of your workout could be a loss of focus. Truly there are so many distractions out there that could get in the way of you gaining the focus you need for a more successful workout.  Here are some tips that can help you.

Set a Standard. Ever say to yourself, "If I can just get to the gym, I'll be doing good."  Well yeah that's a start, but come on, that is NOT a winning attitude.  Commit that once you make it to the gym, you are going to give 100%.  Every time!  Despite how you feel!

Know the importance of goals. When you have nothing that you are working toward, it can be easy to lose focus and lose sight of your workout purpose. You need to set a goal from the very beginning. That goal could be to lose a certain amount of weight or be able to work out for a specific amount of time. You will need to choose a goal that works for you and be realistic about how you set it.  Anu and I love the CrossFit Seattle Fitness Levels.  These are an excellent benchmark for any athlete.

Eliminate Distractions. If you have a hard time focusing in the gym because there are other people, televisions, and music, then skip the gym. Instead, work out in your home or go outside.

Set a weekly schedule. To avoid losing focus on your workout goals, do not just try to wing it. Instead, set a weekly schedule that keeps you working out on a regular basis. Then, always make sure you follow that schedule. The more you can stick with a regular routine, the much more focused you can stay.  Having trouble sticking to a a schedule?  It might be time to call a trainer.

And lastly, we leave you with a quote I love:)

Champions aren't made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.
-Muhammad Ali, boxing

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NYC Marathon Bound

Every year, the New York City Marathon attracts tens of thousands of people to run or walk the 26.2 miles of the course. If you are thinking about running the New York City Marathon this November, then you will need to spend some time training for it.  I hope that you will train a bit more than Anu and I have thus far.  We made it through the Brooklyn Half by barely training, but I don't want to take that chance on the big one.  Sooo, we have decided to incorporate a few long runs over the next couple of months on top of our CrossFit Workouts.  DO NOT TRY THIS.  Instead, follow the tips below.  We will keep you posted as to how our "barely training" works out. 

A marathon is not something that you can just get off the couch and start running in. Instead, it takes conditioning and training. Some people spend the year preparing for the next marathon. No matter how much time you have, here are some tips on getting ready.

1. Start preparing early. Most veterans of the New York City Marathon indicate that anyone should start preparing during the summer, preferably in June or July. You should begin running during this time and add to your running routine on a weekly basis all the way to the week of the marathon. The most important thing to remember is that you have to prepare yourself for the distance and that means building up as much stamina as possible.

2. Make sure you are training in busy areas. Keep in mind that the New York City Marathon does not take place on a quiet country road. Instead, it takes place right in the city where you will have to deal with a whole variety of distractions. That means you need to prepare for those distractions by training in busy areas. If you live in New York City, a few good options include the East River Esplanade, Central Park, and Washington Square Park.

Finally, preparing for the New York City Marathon should include eating a healthy diet. You need to teach your body how to use energy from health foods so that you will not give out as quickly during the event itself.  A resource we love is The Paleo Diet for Athletes by Loren Cordain.  This is a must-have!  We also replenish with Stronger Faster Healthier Protein. This is the best we have found so far.

If you train and train early, you can finish the event with pride in your accomplishment.

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Friends Forever

Reebok opened their new CrossFit retail store on 37th street and 5th Av. in NYC. To accompany they also opened a 'box' as well (which we joined)

They had a grand opening on Aug. 16th (4-7pm) where they had Rich Froning (1st (2011,2012 CrossFit Games), Annie Thorisdottir (1st (2011, 2012 CrossFit Games) and Chris Spealler ( Possibly the smallest CrossFit athlete with the biggest heart and is a true legend in this sport). I had the great opportunity to meet these athletes again (Thanks to Christina from Atlanta, whose sweet talking made me and three others past the cut off to get inside the store for meet n greet).

Best moments:

1. Telling Rich that I have the best shots of his winning moment, when he jumped in crowd to meet his family and I was 2 feet away from him, infact I touched his head. Rich gave me his e-mail address to send him the pictures.

2. Asking Chris if he will be joining the CFNE team and come to East Coast and his response: ' Don't ask man, why you ask? I wish I could'

3. To Annie, that I have been there twice for her winning the games in 2011 and 2012. She tells me to be there for the next one since I could be lucky for her

Yes, I am star struck.


In a group workout like CrossFit you are 'competing' and want to be the fastest/strongest or whatever your goal might be. But at the end of the day you are surrounded by people who themselves want to get better. Its not about wishing on someone else to be slower, its almost wishing the other one to not give up so you have a benchmark to push against. We all make each other better. If we finish last in a workout, we might not like it, but everyone has the same goal to be healthier and better than their previous selves the day before.

Coming to realize that we have 'known' these folks for no more than 3 days, for no more than 30 mins at a time with minimal communication. Even at work I told someone that we made friends at the gym since we joined. Their response: ' Is that even possible?'

The truth is what is possible/impossible is not the point. The point is you are surrounding yourself with folks who are supportive, encourage you to be better (even if by only being present as competition), are healthy, are motivated, are consistent.... And that to me says FRIENDS all over it...

So get out there, do whatever you like doing, biking, running, CrossFit, HIIT, treadmill running :( , Boxing, weight lifting, boot camp, paleo/whole food eating... anything really and find a group where those things are practiced, consistently and you will find the unbreakable bond.

Friends are everywhere you just have to find them...                        Right Rich, Speal, Annie?

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On an All Time High

This is me flying up the hudson during day time

This is R flying and giving us a tour of NYC at night

First of all a big shout out and Thank You to Bryan from Windtee, who I am currently training and among being a multi talented individual, is also a private pilot.

We commenced our journey up the Hudson, flying on top of Verrazano Bridge, West Point Academy and turning 30 degrees (banking). IT WAS AWESOME. Obviously R has to top me off, so she flew the night trip back and actually flew over NYC Central Park. We flew, we landed and came back to our apartment, hosted our gracious pilot to some Indian street food and send him off on his way.

What Does This Have to Do With Fitness?

1. Being Fit and healthy gives you that extra confidence that you are more open to new experiences.

2. Being confident leads up to handling a stressful situation in a much more rational way. Last time when I flew I over monitored the plane, clutched on it hard and try to much to control it, which resulted in not so pleasant experience. Being in the same situation again, I found myself steering the plane on 30 degree banks with one hand on the controls and enjoying the gentle movements on the plane.

3. Strength and stamina plays out in so many ways that you don't realize. Being able to fly a plane, being calm under turbulence, for an hour is taxing. Being generally physically prepared helps to hold your own even without any flying experience.

4. Having worked out really hard on Saturday morning, sort of gives the stimulus of 'This is the hardest thing you will possibly face all day'  and everything else becomes easy. You are clearer in your thinking, you are alert, focused and just yourself....

The whole idea is whatever you do, whether its nutrition, workout, physical activity like hiking/flying etc. you need to give your 100% and be confident in execution. Our first failure point is our mind and that is what stands in our way to conquer challenges, whether physical or psychological.

Give your 100% and Reach For The Stars... Do come back down though, every so often :)

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Cool Cool Summer

Its MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (People came over, I cooked, they ate, everyone had a great time) Tip: Try this cold avocado soup

So as we all know summer is here and making its presence known... In these times of blistering heat, there is the tradition of Summer Streets. Three weekends (4, 11,18) during the month of August is when Park Av. is closed from 7am to 1pm for pedestrians, to run, jump, bike or whatever you feel like (Almost whatever)

Every year we try to make the most of these three days of freedom, by being active, being outdoors, trying to eat even better, interact with random people on the street..

Our one tradition is to get a free bike rental for an hour and go one time uptown all the way from 27th street to 87th street and some ways downtown and the next weekend to go first towards downtown all the way to Brooklyn Bridge and come all the way to Grand Central, returning to 27th street in one hour.

I am targeting this last weekend of summer streets to go full circle and be able to bike all the way uptown and back all the way downtown in an hour. I know its a stretch but will definitely try to gun it all the way back and forth.

Our bike riding is nowhere close to the ones in Song ' Cool Cool Summer' by Can't Stop Won't Stop

Ours looks more like this:

There are so many activities during this time that encourage you to stay healthy and feel your body and make the most of it. So its time to get up, get out and awaken the hunter gatherer you are... hunt for joy and gather happiness.

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