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"I have always believed in breaking through what I assume are personal limitations, but still there were some areas I was too afraid to go. Brevi Fitness (or Anu Khanna) has ventured up to them with me, kicked down the walls, and then dragged me even further. Since the age of twelve, I have been a distance runner and even completed a handful of ultramarathons; while I always knew I had running endurance, before working with Anu, I never viewed myself as someone with strength or athletic confidence.

He has been my cheerleader, coach, and--when necessary--ruthless dictator--in my mission to build a more complete body. Anu is not simply a trainer during our official sessions; he gives me hand-in-glove assignments to complete between workouts and responds to any emailed questions I have within hours. He also guides me through the process of improving my diet and flexibility; never before have such a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to fitness.

There is an electrifying cycle to our workouts. Anu first pinpoints an area for improvement, teaches me an exercise in a clear and detailed manner, and then measures my performance as a base point. He gives me assignments for working on these areas and then we measure my progress 4-6 weeks later. Thanks to Anu, I have improved on each and smashed many of these base points. My abdominals are stronger. Friends who pat me on the back, accustomed to my lean frame, now say, "Cory, you're putting on muscle, aren't you?" I still have a long way to go, but each day I build more strength, I build more confidence, not just in my physical body but also in my ability to break through supposed limitations of all kinds."

Cory L

"Working with Anu is a pleasure. He is genuinely concerned with my progress and is enthusiastic about helping me achieve my goal of increasing physical-flexibility and strength.

Before meeting with Anu, I was concerned about my physical-flexibility. After a handful of training-meets, I’ve been able to move my joints through a greater range of motion. With his homework-recommendations and continued meets, my goal will be reached.

After training several weeks with Anu K (Brevi Fitness), I can report my dietary regimen has improved, increased flexibility is now a reality, and muscle strength and endurance have grown. I would definitely recommend BreviFitness!

Sincere thanks, Bryan R., New York. If you’d like to know more about my training-experience with Anu Khanna of BreviFitness, contact Bryan at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for encouragement."

Bryan R

“As a busy mother of two I was having a hard time losing weight. Ruschelle has given me tremendous support and helped me lose those pesky pounds within 6 weeks. Anu and Ruschelle are always available and motivating me to continue meeting my goals”

Amber P

"I highly recommend Anu for anyone interested in optimizing their workout routine. Before working with him, the time I spent at the gym was inefficient, with limited results.

Anu has put me on the right track, and provided the guidance I need to build strength and improve overall fitness. His approach is encouraging – with engaging, but challenging training sessions. In addition to getting results, I feel better and actually enjoy my time in the gym now."

Matt I

"I started my own business almost a year ago and where I thought I’d have loads of time of exercise. I found I was working more than ever and almost doing next to no working out or taking time for myself. Working with Ruschelle has brought back the exercise for me. I’ve always loved walking, and since starting working with Ruschelle I’ve rediscovered my passion for it.

Since I started working with Brevi Fitness I’ve learned how to set up a healthier lifestyle for myself, which has resulted in me losing weight, feeling better and less stressed.

I highly recommend Brevi fitness for your complete fitness needs. Their approach is not simply to get you on a workout plan that works for you, but work with you on setting up a complete holistic health plan system (which includes nutrition, and all aspects of health) Thank you  Ruschelle and Anu!"

Christina Nitschmann, 718-713-2289, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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